Mother’s Day Gift Idea

What better topic for my first blog post than Mother’s Day! 

I know it has already passed but I put together a fab gift box for my Mother in law this year and wanted to share as it’s a good idea for any event!

I already subscribe to several box subscriptions so I happened to have a box from my spring Fab Fit Fun box which made a great vehicle to display and send my gift box.  You can use any box you want but I didn’t want to ship a box in a box so this worked out great!  Plus, it already had a foam lining in the bottom and the bubble wrap.

I know what you are thinking, why not just send her a subscription to one of the boxes that are already made?  Well, knowing my Mother in law there are things in the boxes that she wouldn’t like and I really wanted to customize it to her interests and likes.  For example, my Sunday Riley box from February included a vibrator! Not exactly mother in law appropriate.

Here are the items I included plus links (if available) where I purchased the items.

I also made some homemade goodies which I will blog about in future posts but this is a good start and will hopefully get your creative juices flowing!

  1. Show me your Mumu Brie Robe – it’s light weight and has a pretty floral print. Great for Florida weather!
  2. Ouai Leave in Conditioner – Mom has thick dry hair so this is perfect for her!
  3. Norwex Optic Scarf – great for cleaning the screen on your phone, sunglasses, etc.
  4. Erno Laszlo Antioxidant Complex for Eyes – Mom is like me… she has a fetish for skin care products!  My favorite eye cream makes a good treat!
  5. Bumble and Bumble Save the Day Protective Repair Fluid – great leave in product for smoothing hair. Love this stuff!
  6. Recliner Night Tee Sleep Dress – Yes, it might be a lot to spend on a nightie but it’s for Mom! Spare no expense.  Plus, it’s a treat, something she would never buy for herself.  The fabric is soft and cool and a luxury to sleep in!
  7. Norwex Kitchen Cloth Trio in Sunflower – Best kitchen cloth and dish cloths out there!  Dry quickly and are self-sanitizing and you are helping the environment.  The sunflower is a great splash of color and what Mom doesn’t like a good kitchen cloth?
  8. Bath and Body Works Kitchen Lemon Hand Soap – Goes great with the yellow kitchen cloths and it smells so good.
  9. Homemade lavender vanilla lip scrub – so easy to make!  Packaged in a little glass amber jar affixed with a butterfly sticker and a little tag to let her know what’s inside.
  10. Homemade Chocolate Sea Salt Rugelach cookies – link to recipe below.  I packaged them in bakery bags and tucked them inside the box surrounded by bubble wrap so they would arrive safely.
  11. Pretty Mother’s Day card made with my Cricut™ machine.  I put a hand written sentiment inside rather than a store-bought card.

I wrapped some of the items with ribbons and tags and secured the package with a layer of bubble wrap, taped it off and sent it off to the post office!  A heart felt Mother’s Day gift made just for my Mother in law that I’m sure she will love. Hope this inspires you to make up your own gift box for your Mom! xo

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